Friday, April 20, 2012

Funeral Card Friday - 64 years of funeral cards!

Shortly after my mother died my father gave me several bags full of mom's papers and books. In this bag was a small stationary box that I recognized. My mom was quite the letter writer so many times I had given her boxes of stationary as gifts. I fulled expected to see stationary in the box (silly me!) but when I opened the box I saw tied with gold ribbons 2 stacks of funeral cards! As I looked through the cards it became clear that in this box was the funeral cards of every wake or funeral she had attended since 1948! I had no idea she had kept them all. These treasures should be shared and my websites are not really the place for them so each Friday I will write a brief blog post for each card. For my first featured card, I will post her most treasured card. The funeral card of her brother Dixie. I remember mom kept this card with her a lot and often put it in her small bible she brought to church. Not a day went by that she did not remember her brother who died at the age of 30 years old Dix D. Dewey Jr. died on June 26, 1948 after he had drowned in a local quarry. He was an expert swimmer, however, he also had epilepsy. While sitting on the edge of a dock, he had an epileptic seizure and fell into the water. I don't think mom ever got over his death. I remember her telling me she had been on a date with my dad and he was driving her home. As they pulled up to the house she saw the police cars there and thought something had happened to her grandmother who lived with them. When she got into the house she was devastated to learn about the death of her older brother. This card is the most worn of all of them since she kept it with her a lot.

On the back of her brother's funeral card, my mother taped the newspaper clipping of her father's obituary.

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